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Is it normal?! [27 Jun 2008|10:34pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Is it normal that one of the only men I've ever been in love with has me second-guessing a future relationship with someone else? I do not want to date. I am so ambivalent toward dating, b/c I am afraid of being lied to and hurt again, and allowing someone to get that deeply close to me.

I don't know what to do! More on this later!

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Welcome [17 Sep 2004|12:01am]

Hello there,

Welcome to the Love Wounds LiveJournal community. I am Sarah, the community owner. This community serves as a place of support for those who are dealing with relationship break-ups. If you have any problems or issues that are preventing you from getting on with life, we are here to help. Anybody of any age, gender, race and sexual orientation is welcome to join. It doesn't matter how long you were in the relationship for. Divorcees are very much welcome too. There are some rules, please have a look at the user info page, where they are displayed.

Now down to business. I was in a relationship for one-and-a-half years. The relationship ended in May of this year. My partner was abusive towards me during the last six months, and eventually he moved on to another girl, so I suppose you can say he cheated on me. I ended up in another relationship, this one was online. I knew my online ex-boyfriend for four years, we actually did form a relationship almost four years ago, but drifted apart. We decided to give it another go in May, but my partner ended it a few days ago, the reasons why I do not wish to discuss. I am crushed over the split, I was planning to meet up with him and was very much looking forward to it. I really thought he was the one for me. :(

You could say I created this community to receive support, I am finding it difficult to move on and come to terms with being single. I would like those who are in my situation to be able to get the help they need too, so I would be happy for you to join and share your experiences and advice.

Thanks. I wish you the best of luck.
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